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    Stanislaw Gasik, PhD, PMP

Member of teams developing the main global PMI project management standards: PMBOK® Guide, Standard for Program Management®, Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, OPM3®.

Leader of the project analyzing organizing project management at the governmental level. The result of this research is the introduction of such concepts like the Governmental Project Implementation System (GPIS), Governmental Project Management (GPM), and the Governmental Project Management Maturity Model, (GPM3).

Author of the first full model of project knowledge management. The model introduces concepts of micro-knowledge, macro-knowledge and four levels of knowledge management: individual, project, organization and global.

His interests include also broader issues of the effectiveness of government administration – performance management, innovation management, public procurement, strategic management etc.






17 – 19 November 2016. Project Management Institute. Project Management National Conference, Mumbai, India

·         S. Gasik: National Public Projects Implementation System for India.

16 – 19 October 2016. Australian Institute of Project Management. Inaugural Regional Conference, Sydney, Australia

·         S. Gasik: National Public Projects Implementation System as a Tool for Public Policy Implementation.

13 – 15 October 2016. 1st Polish Conference on Contemporary Approaches to Public Management

·         S. Gasik: The Main Directions for Reforms of the Polish State.

5 – 7 October 2016. ProjMAN - International Conference on Project MANagement, Porto, Portugalia

·         S. Gasik: Are public projects different than projects in other sectors? Preliminary results of empirical research.

June 2016. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. 226 (14): 351 – 357

·         S. Gasik: National Public Projects Implementation Systems: How to Improve Public Projects Delivery from the Country Level. Proceedings of the 29th IPMA World Congress, Panama.

April 2016. 5th International Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic Countries, Riga, Latvia

·         S. Gasik: A Conceptual Model of National Public Projects Implementation Systems.

January 6, 2015. PM World Journal, Vol IV, Issue I

·         S. Gasik, Paper: An Analysis of Knowledge Management in PMBOK® Guide. Contains also a proposal of a separate chapter on project knowledge management for PMBOK® Guide.